Waggie Seeds

Quality Canadian-grown Trachycarpus wagnerianus seeds

Some comments on our Trachycarpus wagnerianus seeds

Some comments on our Trachycarpus wagnerianus seeds:

"I just wanted to thank you again for the Waggy seeds that I bought from you in December.  I soaked the seeds as per your instructions and planted them on December 29th.  The seeds are starting to sprout (January 29) and they look great."


"Waggy Seeds ships nice, fresh seed. I have had top results with their waggy seeds."



"Many years ago I bought some Trachycarpus wagnerianus seed from you. I grew them and gave all of them away but one, and it has proven to be a very tough little palm. It was planted in the ground as a strap leaf seedling with three or four leaves. No wimpy palms can survive in my area."


From a client in Phoenix:
"Waggies not only survive the blistering temps here but actually thrive in the desert! I have had them in containers for several years now with a timed drip line attached to each. Being a typical winter Snowbird we leave for cooler climes at the end of April and return in five months.

We come back in early October and notice they have grown a bit since we left.  I give them no special treatment other than water and a yearly pinch of palm tree fertilizer.  The Waggie Palm in my opinion must be the most extreme cold tolerant and heat tolerant palm in the world."